Website Design

When looking for a new website design is the first thing on your mind. Having been doing web development and web design in the East Midlands for coming up to 4 years I have came to realise one main thing, design isn’t everything.

I know, you’re thinking ‘What’s this guy on about design is what the people see!’. I completely agree, but if you’re not targeting the correct audience design is irrelevent. I literally love designing using HTML, CSS and JavaScript but without having the correct target audience what is the design of your website going to do?

If you’re a landscaping company, nursery or clothing boutique, first you’ve you need to decide whether you’re tarketing home owners, parents or millenials. You might already have this, but you need to target them on the web. You need to write you content to these target audiences.

To conclude,

Designing sites are not just making things look good they are also making sure that they are targeting the correct people. So if you need a web designing we won’t only make it look good, we will make it perform well too!