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We are Oxygen Corps Computers

We are not just a typical web design company we offer so much more:

1. We create beautifully designed websites
2. We repair and build Ad Hoc computers to suit your needs
3. We will come to your office or home to help you set up your computers
4. We will install, uninstall and set up programs
5. We will set up all of your devices in your home, not just computers but phones, tablets, computers and laptops.
6. We will help your business with any web needs such as a website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more
7. If we don’t know something we will tell you, we will learn and still help you all the way

If you have a technology question about what we do don’t hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail.


Here at Oxygen we will help you set up your Computer, Laptop, Phone, Laptop or any other devices you are struggling to set up. Our service is quick and reliable and if we don’t know how to set up a device we will tell you. We will learn, and have it up and running in no time.

Social Media

Stuck on social media? Constantly trying to think of the best way to post? Well we have you covered we can help you set up and maintain your social media and are here to give you tips on what and how to post your articles and photos. With our chat function on our site being available you can always ask us right away.

Ad-Hoc Computer Builds

Looking for a personal computer at home? Can you not find a computer that fits your needs or specification? Oxygen will build an ad-hoc machine for you to the specification you would like. We will also advise, find and research computers that are pre-built. So if you’re looking for a computer just to Google or if you’re looking for a computer to game we’ve got you covered.

Mobile Friendly Websites

As Oxygen was founded by a Web/PHP Developer, so Oxygen takes pride in its web design and web development, may it be a one page website or a large business website we can help you. Our developer has experience in building bespoke systems in a myriad of programming languages from Front-End development, PHP and Databases. If you are looking for a site just let us know and we can discuss how we can help you over a cup of coffee.


Are you scratching your head whilst trying to upgrade your machine to Windows 10? Can’t you manage to install your Anti-Virus you’ve spent a lot of money on. Well we have a installation and uninstall service, one of our team will come to you and install all of the programs that you need on your machine. If you are also wondering what software you should use just drop us an e-mail and we will give you our opinion on software that you should use.

Computer Repairs

Is your computer not turning on? Do you have errors coming up when you turn on your computer? Oxygen can have a look at that for you. We can repair your machine after an initial checkup of what the issue may be. We have no hidden costs and we will tell you how much it is to repair. We will also inform you if you are able to repair it yourself or if you should leave it with us. The choice will be yours.


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Meet our team
Tom Brooks

Tom is the founder of Oxygen Corps Computers, he is the forefront of the company and will be the person who will repair your devices, set up your websites and help you through every step of the way. He has 3 years programming experience, a degree in Computer Forensics and has built websites for private clients. He currently works as a Mid Level PHP/Web Developer building bespoke systems, working on WordPress sites and using MVC frameworks such as CodeIgniter. He is a self taught developer and self taught in custom building computers, he will be the first line of contact and will make your experience the best possible.